Why not me?

Who are you?

Have you ever asked yourself that before? Who are you to do that? Who are you to have that? Who are you to reach for your dreams?

Of course you have. I have too. We all have.

But instead of asking ourselves who we think we are to be successful, why don’t we choose to ask ourselves why not us?

I am stealing content from Jon Acuff today. He inspires me every time I read his stuff, watch his videos or see him live. Every time. Why? Because he used to work for Autotrader in Atlanta, Georgia. And then one day, he asked himself, “why not me?” and he’s living the dream. He makes a difference in the world, all because he’s willing to punch fear in the face everyday.

IndyWhen I was 11 years old, I jumped off a cliff and learned to fly on my way down. I wrote an essay and won the opportunity to shadow the superintendent for Santa Rosa County’s school district. I was the first elementary student to ever get the chance to shadow the highest-ranking career professional in our county.

I was nervously excited as someone from his office drove me to central office, but it all turned into sheer terror when Mr. John Rogers, superintendent of schools, asked me to prepare the closing remarks for the luncheon that afternoon.

No big deal, right?

Right. Except it was.

There would be approximately 500 people there.

Students. Teachers. Professionals.

And I, Felicia, was responsible for closing it all up and being the last voice they all heard after a career shadowing event.

I spent a few minutes writing my speech. Mr. Rogers looked over what I had prepared. I expected there to be necessary corrections. After all, I had never written a speech before.

I was wrong. Apparently it was terrifically perfect.

I stood behind the podium at Sikes Hall at the Naval air station in Milton, Florida that afternoon and ended the day’s events with a challenge to my fellow students to strive for excellence and to remember the confidence they held that day, no matter what field they landed in.

Looking back, I still cannot believe I did that in the fifth grade. But why not me? One of the things I desperately want to do is write and speak with a platform to make a difference. For years now, I have asked myself who I thought I was. I have doubted my qualifications to be someone people wanted to listen to.

Not anymore.

I am ready to strive for excellence again and go back to that innocent confidence I had at 11 years old.

What dream are you afraid to pursue? Why not you?


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