Really Important Things: Part 2

Earlier this week, I shared about an experience I shared with my Dad right before he died. That day is etched into my memory as one of the most significant moments I have ever shared with anyone. That day, a man who had just married my mom a week before and had only met me … Continue reading Really Important Things: Part 2

Really Important Things

I will explain more about this anecdote in my next post but it's an important foundational story for what is to come. This story first appeared on my personal Facebook profile in April 2014. It was a Tuesday morning. He stopped by my condo on his way to work to put my eye drops in. … Continue reading Really Important Things

What taking a break taught me

Where have I been for the last week? I know you guys have missed me, because I have missed you. In the first couple weeks of the year, I wrote here daily but I was also writing on my own, just for the sake of writing. Why? Because being a writer is all about practice. … Continue reading What taking a break taught me

Five tips for brand new bloggers

  Whether you just started your first WordPress site or you are trying to convert your existing public journal into a professional source of information, there's probably a thing or two you could learn. I'm not an expert and I'm still learning from lots of people ahead of me, but I thought I would stop for a minute … Continue reading Five tips for brand new bloggers

Spontaneously (un)Stuck

Yesterday, I was in Tennessee. Today, I'm in Florida. No plan. No thought. Just me, my dog, my duffel bag and a six and a half hour trip down Interstate 65. It was, by far, the most spontaneous and unplanned thing I have EVER done. And I would do it again - in a heartbeat. … Continue reading Spontaneously (un)Stuck

#GrayKidsMin: Empowerment

I am no expert in classroom management, but I got thrown into it about a year ago and I literally learn my way through it as situations arise. I wish being a SGL was all about games, crafts and stories. But let's be real - there's times we have to be adults. Today was one … Continue reading #GrayKidsMin: Empowerment

Hustle is a choice

Make coffee. Get the computer out. Turn on my "hustle" playlist on Spotify. Shut all Internet browsers down. Set time for 60 minutes. Write. The hardest step in my hustle is actually getting started. I get distracted on everything from cleaning up my kitchen while I'm making coffee to playing on social media before I shut down Safari, Firefox … Continue reading Hustle is a choice

Digging deep

What does it mean to dig deep for your dreams? Were you watching the NCAA National Championship game last night between Alabama and Clemson? That's what I am talking about. Both of those teams had a dream. Those players had a dream. (Okay, I had to find a way to shout "ROLL TIDE!") We all … Continue reading Digging deep

#ChurchNotes: Quitting things

My pastor, Pete Wilson, started a new series at church yesterday. It's called "I Quit." No, it's not about quitting your job. Rather, it's about quitting the business that keeps us from experiencing the things God actually has for us. Why are we so busy? What fills our schedules? I get asked to do a lot. Not … Continue reading #ChurchNotes: Quitting things