Stuff < Success

Stuff keeps us from accomplishing our dreams. We get overwhelmed, distracted and busy. And when we get busy, we no longer have focus.

I am hustling on a lot of things but I really haven’t been trying to declutter my house and life. Amazingly though, I have a whole room of random stuff to donate, consign and bless my friends and family with.

I am definitely not a “declutter” expert and in no ways a minimalist. Although I think that would be really cool to try.

There are a million articles to read online about decluttering and organizing your life better. Here are just a few things I have tried and experienced tremendous success with.

  • Linen closet: I had 5 sets of sheets for my bed and 21 bath towels for just me. I cut all of that down by more than half and filled a whole bag full of linens to get rid of.
  • Utility/tool closet: Am I the only one who keeps every spare piece of
    I have enough glass cleaner to get me through the next 5 years.

    hardware “just in case” I need it one day? Let’s be real – if I really need a screw, am I really going to sit and go through 4 tool boxes until I find it? Unless you are super organized and have all of your hardware in a little color-coded organizer with labels, you are likely storing stuff just to store it. If you are like me and keep your cleaning supplies here too, go look through it all. If for no other reason, check to make sure you know what you have before you find yourself bringing home more Windex when you already have 5 bottles.

  • Bathroom cabinet: Remember that deodorant you bought once and decided you didn’t like it? Throw it away! I know you thought you might keep it in case you ran out of your preferred product and needed it, but you’re likely never going to do that. And that bottle is just taking up space. If you’re like me, I was about to go buy more deodorant when I went through my bathroom cabinent and found two unopened bottles from where I bought my last supply at Sam’s Club. 
  • Home office: Do you have 500 pens because you keep every one of them “just in case” you need a pen one day? Get rid of them. Find your favorite 20 and trash all the random freebies you got for visiting that booth at the home show last year. Digitizing documents and getting rid of electric bills from 5 years ago are also good places to start in the office.
  • Pantry: This serves 2 purposes. One, you can see how what you have and can maybe figure out how to incorporate some of those things in meals. Two, you can get rid of expired or unwanted nonperishable items. Food banks would gladly take the things sitting in your pantry just taking up space.

    Mail Count
    I have 8 email accounts and way too much junk mail.
  • Email inbox: If you are like me, you have thousands of unwanted emails. It’s not enough to just delete them. Open the email, scroll to the bottom and unsubscribe to all that junk you get everyday. Not only will you feel better about the little red number above your mail icon, but you will probably get a lot more done without hundreds of emails distracting you everyday.

This is not the end. There are hundreds of more things to declutter in your home and life. The point is to just start somewhere and experience the unbelievable freedom of getting rid of unnecessary stuff.

What I have found is that getting rid of stuff helps my hustle, and will probably help me to think twice before I buy/take unnecessary stuff again.

Nobody has ever been considered successful because of how much stuff they own, or how full their house is. Nobody is remembered by how many bath towels or emails they had when they left this place.

Don’t let stuff keep you from success.

What do you have too much of?

2 thoughts on “Stuff < Success

  1. I find that the bathroom cabinet is my worst nightmare when it comes to “stuff”… mainly because it is where I throw all those “tried” products – I dont want to throw them away because I spent good money on them and I MIGHT use them again – but reality is they just take up space and keep me from using the cabinet. Maybe I will clean it out this weekend…


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