Digging deep

What does it mean to dig deep for your dreams?

Were you watching the NCAA National Championship game last night between Alabama and Clemson?

That’s what I am talking about.

Both of those teams had a dream. Those players had a dream.

(Okay, I had to find a way to shout “ROLL TIDE!”)

We all have opponents in our own dreams too.


In order to keep our focus on our dreams, we have to stand tall and dig deep, even when it gets tough.

Hustling after my dream these past few weeks has been such a blast.

Until today.

My hustle is still fun, but it got a little difficult today.

Keratitis hates the cold.

It is 30 degrees outside right now here in Nashville.

My eyes are extremely dry.

Looking at computer screens is hard.

I am really sensitive to light.

I can’t drive.

I can’t drink my usual daily dose of coffee.

Writing and reading have been nearly impossible today.

They actually physically hurt.

Guess what?

I don’t care.

Okay, that’s a lie. I do care, but I care about my dream more.

I know that if I slip on my commitment to my hustle today, I might lose my momentum.

It will be easier to compromise tomorrow.

So I dug deep.

I wrote almost 2,000 words today.

You are reading a few of them right now.

It took a little longer than it usually does.

But it was worth it.

So very much worth it.


Because I had to fight for those words.

Dreams aren’t easy.

Hustling isn’t always fun.

Hopefully, hustling will be really uncomfortable and awkward at times.

Sometimes, it might even hurt.

Jon Acuff has something to say about fighting for our dreams in his book, Start: Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average and Do Work That Matters.

“A dream you don’t have to fight for isn’t a dream – it’s a nap. And while naps are delightful and enjoyed best on Sunday afternoon, they do very little to move you closer to awesome.” -Jon Acuff

What dream have you given up on?

What do you need to do to fight for it?

Dreams are a lot like relationships.

If we aren’t committed to our community, we won’t fight for it.

And if we don’t fight for the people we say who matter to us, do they really matter?

So how do we fight for our hustle?

  1. Prioritize it. Do it first.
  2. Plan it. Know what we are going to do and how. Know the details. Even better, write the details down and look at them as often as possible.

Imagine if the Alabama football team had decided to just go out on that field last night and hope they won.

Imagine if they had not practiced or learned their plays.

Imagine if they had decided to wait until the second half to start playing offense.

They probably wouldn’t have been very successful.

The same is true for you and I.

No matter if it’s only you, or if the whole world is watching you hustle, you have to prioritize and plan if you are going to win at your goals.

You have to fight. You have to dig deep. 


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