Five tips for brand new bloggers


Whether you just started your first WordPress site or you are trying to convert your existing public journal into a professional source of information, there’s probably a thing or two you could learn.

I’m not an expert and I’m still learning from lots of people ahead of me, but I thought I would stop for a minute to reach back and help brand new bloggers with five easy tips I have learned from my own journey.

  1. Be consistent. Many people fail to plan this. Don’t just write when you feel like it. It doesn’t matter how often, but be consistent about how often, when and how you post. You have to earn your readers’ trust. They want to be able to count on you. This also applies to the length of your posts. (Hint: The best length for a blog is 300-500 words). 
  2. Use images, graphics and videos. Not everyone was there. They can’t see what you see. They need you to show them what you are telling them about. Research shows that more people are stimulated through imagery than words. Do yourself a favor and   give your readers every chance possible of grasping your ideas. Multimedia is also a great way to break up big blocks of text. (Hint: The human eye is trained to start in the bottom right corner of a page, so post accordingly.)
  3. Be authentic. This fleshes out a couple different ways. If you are an expert in something you are posting about, tell your readers why they should listen to you. You wouldn’t listen to a zookeeper about your car problems, right? On the flipped, don’t try to sound smarter than you are. If you know NOTHING about running, don’t act like you do and start telling people how they should train for their next 5k. (Hint: Most people will relate to you much better if you incorporate a personal touch. For instance, if you a elementary school teacher and you have a story to tell about your real life, your have a much better chance of keeping them engaged while you tell them your process for maintaining classroom control.)
  4. Use tags and categories. Does the phrase, “search engine optimization” terrify you? All that those three words mean is that you want people to actually see what you have posted. Fabulous Blogging does a great job of talking more in-depth about tags and categories. (Hint: Tags and categories become a part of your post’sURL so being strategic is crucial.)
  5. Build your platform organically. Tell your friends and family about it. Share your posts on social media sites. Common and share other peoples’ blogs. Stay in touch with your readers. It will likely be slow, but just keep at it. Your subscribers lists, views and “buzz” will grow with lots of time and practice. (Hint: Don’t be cheesy and include your blogs stats on your blog site for everyone to see.)

Do you love writing about yourself?


One of the most important things you can do to foster a relationship with your readers is to go to your blogging platform and create a biography page or section of your site so your readers can grab a few ideas about who you are, what you do and why they should care what you have to say.

In case you have never seen mine, go read it. Now. Thanks.


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