What taking a break taught me

Where have I been for the last week? I know you guys have missed me, because I have missed you.

In the first couple weeks of the year, I wrote here daily but I was also writing on my own, just for the sake of writing.


Because being a writer is all about practice. And in order to practice, I must write. In about 15 days, I wrote 40,000 words.

You read that correctly. 40,000 words.

But in a society that praises busyness, rest is an act of bravery.

I took some time off. I slowed down a little. I re-evaluated what my dream was and why I was hustling after it.

These are a few of the big ideas I learned:

  • What I say “no” to is more critical than what I say “yes” to.
  • Rest is not only okay, it’s the smart thing to do.
  • Success at my current hustle (this blog) is actually affecting other areas of my life in a positive way.

There are a lot of really good things that compete for our time and energy. The problem is that they aren’t all GREAT things. When I try to do too many things, I usually end up not doing very many of them well.

How many times have you heard some ridiculous phrase like “rest is for the weary,” or “I sleep like I’m rich?”


That’s stupid.

Nobody gets anything productive done without sleep, without rest.

When I started hustling, I decided to start waking up at 6:15 every morning. It was a noble goal, but I made a huge mistake in not coupling my wakeup with a set bedtime. I was a hamster chasing one more word, one more page of words into the wee hours of the morning.

I went to bed tired. I woke up tired. I wrote tired. I ate tired. I even drove tired.

And then I got tired of being tired. So I decided to go on a spontaneous vacation tired.

And I came home from vacation tired.

So now, I have decided to not be tired anymore. I need seven hours of sleep every night to be totally “on my game.”

Success builds confidence. The more I write and the more my platform expands, the more confident I am that my blog is working. But more importantly, I am also seeing results in other areas of my life.

  • I gained motivation to get rid of stuff I don’t need, or want,
  • I feel better about myself, inspiring me to be healthier and take better care of myself.
  • I recognize poor time management quicker because I realize the time I spend binge watching some fictional TV show could be better spent batch writing a week’s worth of blog posts.
  • Because I am building relationships with people everyday through my words, I have better physical relationships as well.
  • I am becoming more observant in my daily life because I am constantly looking for inspiration for my writing.

Simply, I feel like a better person. That’s a good place to be.

What are some ways you effectively rest in the midst of your hustle?


One thought on “What taking a break taught me

  1. Rest in the fact that your work does not define you. Rest in the fact that Jesus Christ defines us. Rest, rest and
    thank God for His rest!


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