Really Important Things: Part 2

Earlier this week, I shared about an experience I shared with my Dad right before he died. That day is etched into my memory as one of the most significant moments I have ever shared with anyone.

That day, a man who had just married my mom a week before and had only met me just five months before that decided that I was more important than his career of nearly 15 years. I didn’t understand his loyalty to me in that moment. I will never be able to completely understand his love and dedication for me.

That day, it mattered.

I mattered.

In a chapter of my life that felt empty and pointless, this practical stranger (No, I don’t call just any stranger Dad) not only told me I was important to him, but he showed it.

He showed it in a moment where the easy thing to do would have been to concentrate on his career and his professional reputation.

How many times are we faced with a similar dilemma?

In every single career choice we make, we make another one regarding our families and those we care the most about.

We take them for granted.

We expect there’s always tomorrow.

Let’s decide today to not do that. Let’s take this weekend as an opportunity to not only tell them, but SHOW the people we care about how much they matter. Let’s show them they are really important.

Many times in my own life, I find taking the time to show others how much they matter helps me to gain perspective and find balance in all areas of my life.

By the way, this is not just about our families and friends. This is about our employees, clients and strangers. This is about making people more valuable than numbers.

I think the big idea is to redefine success.

We have been trained to believe success is about being rich, famous and talented. What if we decide to define success by the number of relationships we treasure? What if we decided we would rather lead a life of love rather than a legacy of riches?

Who in your life needs to know they matter right now?




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