You still have 90 percent left

Have you already given up on your New Year’s resolution?

Don’t worry. You aren’t alone. Most people have.

Chances are, you have bought into the lie. The one that say it’s too late.

I have great news for you. It’s February 6. It’s only 37 days into this 366-day year. You still have 90 percent of the year left.

Perfectionism derails us from our goals. We get sidetracked because we miss a day, or we slip up on whatever goal we set for ourselves.

Are you really going to wait for a fresh start in 2017 when you can just jump back up and hustle toward your dreams now?

I was on top of the world for the first few weeks of January. I was exceeding all my plans. Then I missed a day.

I fell victim to the streak. I had a streak of awesomeness going, but then I missed a day. And then it got easier to miss another day and yet another day. For a day or two, I thought about giving up. It took weeks for me to find my inner hustle again.


Whether you slipped up on January 2, January 22 or February 2, it’s not too late.


Nobody makes all the right choices. In fact, we will all fail if our expectation is to do something great everyday. Success is about making the next right choice.

A few years ago, I adopted a new behavior. Instead of setting out to do the right thing all the time, I decided to look at life through every single – big or small – choice, individually.


It’s changed my life. I choose to not experience the long-term disappointment of messing up. Instead, I just see an opportunity to improve. Success comes through a series of seemingly-small right choices, and learning from the wrong ones.

Only 10 percent of the year is gone. Tomorrow is a new day. And as long as you do more tomorrow than you did today, you have succeeded. As long as you get more accomplished in the next 10 percent than you did in the last 10 percent, you have succeeded.

If you haven’t set any goals yet, that’s okay. Set them now. Set small, reasonable and attainable goals. Write them down, and then explain why and how you are going to work toward them. Have fun and reward yourself along the way.

Whatever you do, don’t let perfectionism and fear keep you from your hustle.

Don’t give up on 2016. It can’t still be the best year of your life. You can still go further this year than you did last year.


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