I am just a writer.

My email inbox is getting bombarded with webinars and online training sessions these days. The subject lines haunt me.

“Don’t forget to log in tomorrow.”

“It’s almost here. Set your timer to remind you to log on in 90 minutes.”

“We are 15 minutes out. Go ahead and join us live.”

“It’s time. Let’s go. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to change your life.”

“Did you miss it? That’s okay. The replay is available for 48 hours.”

And so on and on and on.

I love learning. I’m excited about this entrepreneurial dream I am pursuing. Can I tell you where I have gone wrong?

I took a simple desire to write and turned it into a complicated and extravagant empire of dreams I cannot keep up with right now. I’m learning all kinds of stuff but I have too many irons in the fire and have forgotten my own advice to let things grow organically.

In fact, I have been so busy dreaming and adding to my dream that I forgot what my original hustle was.

My impatience proved to be a detour. I was talking to a friend earlier this week that reminded me I will never be able to do all the things I want to do if I never become good at just one thing. I lost my commitment to consistency.

One day, I want to be a professional speaker, host my own online training courses and publish books. But for now, I am a writer.

I am just a writer.

For now, my real dream is to perfect my content, work on building my platform and connect with my audience.

What is distracting you from your inner purpose? What do you need to quit doing to make more time for your real dream?

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