My 500 Words: Day 2

So yesterday, I shared with you guys about this new 500 words challenge I’m doing with Jeff Goins. Today, I want to share a little bit more about my motivation.

But first, I told you guys I would post from somewhere different each day. Today, I wrote at my church. I spend my Monday mornings there volunteering with the staff. I had a few minutes between tasks and took advantage of what would have otherwise been wasted mindlessly scrolling through social media feeds.

In this 31 day challenge, participants are presented with the opportunity to write at least 500 words every day. They can be in a book, blog or journal. Mine, of course, is right here at FeliciaCarter.TV.

In day 2, he asks his participants to set some realistic goals about our decision to participate in the challenge.

My overall motivation is simple – I want to be bold about knocking the brick wall down between my life and my writing. I want to be just a little more authentic in writing about the realities of my life, especially my past.

I honestly believe my calling in this world is to share my story with the world. This is a step in that direction. Each day, Goins gives us a challenge to get us started. I have decided to use that as a prompt for these 500 words.

Some days, I will have more to say than these 500 words. That’s the goal. Those are the days I can create more. I can write additional blog posts about kids ministry, hustling after our dreams, my personal story and so much more.

The other thing I have found is that these organized online challenges keep me more accountable to write every day. This challenge will motivate me to be intentional about maximizing otherwise wasted time to be strategically productive.

I like this challenge. I like that we are asked to write but not edit. Writers usually spend twice or more time editing than we do writing. Editing is important, but sometimes it gets in our way of doing what we were created to do.

I just decided a few months ago I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I quickly signed up for every webinar, online class, podcast, blog and live event I could find. My inbox became overwhelmed with reminders and follow-ups. I was one step ahead of where I needed to be.

Don’t get me wrong. I live to dream big. It’s my message to the world. And one day, I will be that entrepreneurial rockstar I am learning to be even now. In the meantime, I have to get back to the basics and just write.


Because I am a writer.

Specific goals:

  • Write at least 500 unedited words everyday.
  • Write from somewhere differently each day.
  • Write about things I have never shared with an unknown audience before.
  • Build my platform by adding at least 100 new subscribers to my blog in these 31 days.

If you would like to follow my 500 words challenge journey, follow my blog. You can also follow the great community of My 500 Word posts by following the #My500Words hashtag on Twitter.

It’s never too late to start your own 500 word journey. Just jump over to and sign up!

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