Pokemon GO looks awesome, but here is why I’m not playing

I spent the morning at some of my favorite spots in beautiful Franklin, Tennessee. Everywhere I went, there were crowds of people. Some were enjoying the Tomato Festival at the Franklin Farmer’s Market. Most were playing Pokemon GO.

Let me be clear. This post is not about whether Pokemon GO is a good or bad thing. It isn’t about shaming those who play or validating theories on whether it is demonic or a waste of time or anything else. In all reality, Pokemon GO looks like a lot of fun. That is exactly why I am not downloading it.

Reports came out this week that the average American is spending more time on Pokemon GO than on any social media app. That, my friends, is incredible. Come on, don’t you wish you had been the one to come up with a game that gets families interacting with one another, brings people together, has health benefits and even takes the place of the evils of social media?

I know I would love playing it. I loved Pokemon as a kid. I collected the cards, played the game, mastered the Gameboy games and even owned a few t-shirts. I’m even the reason Pokemon was banned from my childhood church. So trust me when I say it is a struggle to not join the craze.

But I know me. I know I have a hard time with doing things in moderation. When I do things, I go all in. And I am uber-competitive. I also know I have a lot to do right now. I know I need to hustle at my goals. Fight for my dreams. What will matter to me more in a year? That I excelled at Pokemon GO, or that I excelled at following the vision God placed on my heart?

The Pokemon GO craze is proof that we are all liars. Everyone of us use the excuse, “I don’t have time,” to avoid something. Almost daily, we use those words to neglect our loved ones, personal health, professional lives, call to serve and spiritual lives. It is the number one reason Americans give for not working for their goals and fighting for their dreams every year..

Those are the same Americans who have now found an unbelievable abundance of time to chase Squirtle and catch Pikachu.

If you are one of them, be intentional. Teach your kids about balance. Show your boss you are committed to your job. Listen to your spouse when he or she communicates. Pay attention to your surroundings. Remember you have an influence. Use it wisely.

Are you playing Pokemon GO? If so, what peripheral benefits have you experienced while playing the game? If not, why not?

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