How to live fully in the moment

Yesterday, I wrote about my intention to be fully present in every moment so I don’t miss out on key opportunities God has given me. Today, I want to talk through a few tangible ways to practically be present in each and every moment.

  1. Be still. This looks different for each of us, but slow down, be quiet and just be. Maybe this is a half hour of daily reflection to mentally prepare for the day. Maybe it is turning the radio off on the way home to decompress and transition from work to family. Maybe it is stopping in the break room to have a conversation with a coworker instead of hurridly rushing out.  When we slow down, we have a better chance of actually seeing the moments God places in front of us.
  2. Put the phone down. We are attached to our phones as if our lives depended on them. When we stop scrolling through social media feeds long enough to look up and notice the world around us, we get to experience our lives in a totally different way. Bestselling author and renowned speaker, Jon Acuff, told a story one time about completely missing a moment with his daughter because he was so busy trying to capture it on social media. Replace that dependency on a virtual community with real life interactions. It will always lead to better moments with deeper meaning.
  3. Listen more than you speak. If you have ever been on the other side of me, you know I am horrible at this. I tend to dominate every conversation and then I walk away and feel like an idiot for being so selfish. When we shut up and listen to the other people in our world, we get to hear other ideas and stories that bring us opportunities to experience really full moments we otherwise miss.
  4. Be in the NOW. Regrets and worry are distractions from living fully in the moment. Reflection and dreams are good things but don’t get so obsessed with either that you miss the present. There is absolutely nothing we can do to change or relive the past, and worrying about the future is pointless. Matthew 6:34 tells us not to worry, for tomorrow has enough worries of its own.
  5. Be bold. Take risks. Do things you wouldn’t normally do. Talk to someone you would normally ignore. Go somewhere you would usually never go. Try something new. Start a new hobby. Get out of your comfort zone because that is where the real moments live. Above all, punch fear in the face.
  6. Find community. Don’t go through life alone. Single adults struggle with this so often because it takes a lot of effort to pursue community. Do it anyway. Relationships are a breeding ground for moments full of potential and God. Think about it. Your most precious memories are the ones you share with your significant other, a relative, a friend of even a stranger. People are a key ingredient to making moments.

Moments don’t have to be full of grand theatrics and lavish experiences. Moments don’t have to be vacations or weddings or promotions. EVERY single moment has the potential to be full of God.

Some of my favorite moments as a 9-year-old kid in the hospital were games of Connect 4 with nurses and doctors as they came in and out of my room during recovery.

My best memories with my little buddy Mark are of us walking the trails at the park or just snuggling up to watch a movie.

Bucky, the “dad of my dreams,” and I had some of our most meaningful moments over wings and a beer at Brewhouse or ice cream from Baskin Robbins.

Jason Miller, Pastor of South Bend City Church, has preached on this idea of living fully in the moment during a series called A Day in the Life at Cross Point Church. You can hear his messages on the church’s website.

What do you do to live in the present and to recognize that every moment is full of potential?


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