Life as a watch and your broken gear

Have you ever thought about how a watch works?

There are all these pieces in a mechanical watch that make it work. If you change one part, everything else is affected. If one gear moves, they all move. If you take the battery out, the whole watch stops working.

Last week, life got a little real for me. I initially saw it as a lot of loss. Financial loss. Relational loss. Physical loss. But then, I was reminded that loss is only God’s preparation for something greater.

As I wrote about a few weeks ago in a post about my story and baptism, I’ve spent the last few months focusing on me and changing the not-so-great parts of me.

Mechanical Watch Maintenance


If life is a watch, I’m one part of the mechanism. My relationships, commitments, career, hobbies, dreams and experiences are all dependent on me. If I’m changing, they are as well.

As I build confidence in who I am in Christ, I don’t need to exhaust myself with chasing others’ approval anymore.

As I build new community out of authenticity, I don’t need to cling to toxic relationships anymore.

As I recognize and accept the pain from my past, I get to transform it into a purpose instead of it holding me emotionally hostage.

As I learn to set healthy boundaries for myself and others around me, I no longer feel the need to make myself useful to be valuable to people.

As I strengthen in confidence and self-worth, I get to pursue my dreams with courage and purpose.

Our lives are not meant to be compartmentalized. It makes life even more complicated than it has to be. It breeds isolation and inauthenticity. Like a watch, the parts of our lives are all interdependent on one another. Don’t believe me? Ask a successful businessman with a failing family or a well-known college student with no direction or purpose.

The analogy goes the other way too. If something is broken in our lives, it will infect every other part. If a gear is broken in the watch, the device is not able to function the way it should.

The broken gear in my life right now is poor stewardship of what God has given me – my time, finances and talents. And because I have squandered the resources He entrusted to me, other things are breaking down.

The key to fixing my broken gear is intentionality and sacrifice. It’s living every moment in a mentality of kairos time and seizing every one with new habits of productivity and generosity. It’s living every moment with purpose.

Maybe your broken gear is a toxic relationship or an abandoned dream. Maybe your health or career are the problem. Whatever it is, it is worth the time and energy it takes to fix it. You are worth it.

What is the broken gear in your life right now? And what can you do to repair it?



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