Seek the Lord.

“I sought the Lord, and He answered me,
And delivered me from all my fears.” – Psalm 34:4

Our society is based on fear. Everywhere we turn in life, we are bombarded with messages of fear. I am reminded of this often in my job. I work in driver growth for Lyft. (Basically, my job is to help people through the application process and help them get started driving for Lyft.)

The number one rebuttal I get for why people won’t drive is fear. They are either worried something bad will happen to them or they are worried they won’t be successful. Instead of focusing on the possibility that they may love it, make new friends, learn something new, earn extra cash, etc, their brains are conditioned to imagine the worst.

Potential rideshare drivers aren’t the only victims. We all are. We all let fear rule us. We lay awake at night. We avoid people who intimidate us. We are the most medicated population in the history of the human race. We settle for contentment over excitement. We justify living inside of a box. We ignore the voice inside us that tells us to go for a dream.

And many of us claim the name of Jesus while we give in to fear. Lies are the devil’s language and fear is his emotion. Fear is never from God. God will never use it to pressure us into doing or not doing something. He will never intimidate us. God is about faith. Satan is about fear. Fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, we cannot have both. We are either filled with fear or we are filled with faith.

I don’t care who you are or what you have done.

You are not a mistake.

You are not a loser.

You are not a failure.

You are not stupid.

You are not worthless.

You are not broken.

You are not ugly.

You are not whatever stupid lie you believe about yourself.

So it’s really easy to say to not have fear, but wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a formula for that? There is. David gives it to us in Psalm 34.

  1. Seek the Lord.
  2. He will answer us.
  3. He will deliver us from ALL of our fears.

I have spent the majority of my life believing whole-heartedly that I was a mistake. It wasn’t until last year that I started to think maybe that lie was wrong. I am far from completely breaking the lie but every time I give up fear and pick up faith instead, I get a little closer to kicking that lie in the teeth.

Here’s some recent examples:

  1. I moved to Mt. Juliet.
  2. I started a new job in driver growth with Lyft.
  3. I joined Crossfit (and show up almost everyday).
  4. I am writing a book.

But let me tell you about the newest lie Satan is trying to convince me of. About 6 weeks ago, I started to feel a call on my heart to leadership. I ignored it for a few weeks. Then, I had a conversation with my counselor about it. I told him that obviously I’m hearing God wrong. He put everything in his hands down, looked me dead in the eye and asked me “why is that obvious?”

As we unpacked that statement, it became clear I was believing the lie that I’ll never be a leader in anything ever again. I ruined that. I am disqualified. I better just start being okay with following others. I’m not good enough and I never will be again. There’s 10,000 reasons why God would never ever use me in leadership again.

But God continues to persist upon my heart. The scriptures I’m reading, the messages I’m hearing, the conversations I’m having – they all keep pointing me to leadership. My prayers end up there. My writing ends up there. My dreams even end up there. God hasn’t revealed anything else to me about this call to leadership yet. Actually, I get the comforting peace that my call to leadership is a little like Joshua’s. Joshua spent decades waiting to be the next leader of the Israelites. In that time, God taught and prepared him for when the day came.

Just because God has called me to leadership doesn’t mean He is calling me to be a leader NOW. However, in preparing for it, I can seek to exemplify the qualities that made Joshua a great leader. He put God first. He was a servant leader. He was a man of prayer.

Let’s be real. The foundation of the lie I believe about why I can never be a leader again is about fear. I want to work to replace that fear by doing one simple thing.

Seek the Lord.

What lie do you need to kick in the teeth today? What dream do you need to allow to live in your heart? In what do you need to trust the Lord to be faithful?

Instead of asking what could go wrong, start asking what could go right?

Instead of asking what if you fail, start asking what if you succeed?

Instead of asking if God is against you, start asking what if God is for you?

*This blog post was partially inspired by a message by Pastor John Cameron of ARISE Church, located in New Zealand, that he preached at The Belonging In Nashville, Tennessee on August 7, 2018. 

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