Stop wasting time.

I have been more aware of some startling things on the Internet lately. Do you know how much time people spend arguing with strangers on the Internet about politics and religion? Or filling up community Facebook pages with complaints about every single solitary thing they can think of? Or taking pointless quizzes and playing games?Continue reading “Stop wasting time.”

It’s time to win at writing.

If you’re anything like me, you have a bunch of big dreams and hustle. I keep finding myself in the crosshairs of ideas and clarity.  You know what happens when I find myself there? I freeze.  Perfectionism overwhelms me. The wrong voice wins. And instead of reaching my audience with the great content I’ve produced,Continue reading “It’s time to win at writing.”

Dreams are nothing more than wishes unless backed by a willingness to invest and trust in the process.

Understanding the root of why we do, or want to do, something is critical to knowing we are operating with intentionality. Team Felicia likes to play this game with me often: When I say I feel a certain way, or I want to do something, the person on the other side of me will ask,Continue reading “Dreams are nothing more than wishes unless backed by a willingness to invest and trust in the process.”


One week ago, I made a commitment to myself to post a blog every single day for 730 days. I’ll write a post later on why I chose two years and all the other things you want to know but here’s how I almost failed today. It’s 11:08pm CST and I am just now writingContinue reading “IT COUNTS!”

Strength is a choice

Strength is not a result. It’s a choice. Most of our battles are won and lost in our minds. Whether it’s the first day of school, a playoff football game, the proposal, securing the impossible client or going for your dream, we have several options. But no matter which one we go for, the mostContinue reading “Strength is a choice”