When I say yes to my biggest fear – the elementary school cafeteria

Or I can commit to giving something up to make a difference in the life of R. Saying yes to R requires me to say yes to the elementary school cafeteria. And all of a sudden, that doesn't seem like such a big deal anymore. In fact, I can't wait to see that lunch line again.

#GrayKidsMin: Five tips for creating a place they love

At our church, we talk a lot about creating a WOW experience every Sunday. Each time the doors open, it brings a new opportunity for guests to experience God's love and grace in a whole new way. We believe that more than ever in our kids ministry. It's why we have welcome wagons that bring … Continue reading #GrayKidsMin: Five tips for creating a place they love

#GrayKidsMin: Empowerment

I am no expert in classroom management, but I got thrown into it about a year ago and I literally learn my way through it as situations arise. I wish being a SGL was all about games, crafts and stories. But let's be real - there's times we have to be adults. Today was one … Continue reading #GrayKidsMin: Empowerment

#GrayKidsMin: Building relationships with your kids

I spend about three hours every Sunday morning hanging out in the gray room in my church's kids' hallway. I am a small group leader for Kindergarteners through second graders for two of my church's three Sunday services. As a SGL, I know my kids better than they know. I know their teachers' names and what their … Continue reading #GrayKidsMin: Building relationships with your kids