My 500 Words: Day 4

Make it a rule to sift through criticism and the emotions it arouses within you. Don't let people stay rent-free in your head unless they are worth it. Another words, don't allow people with ill intentions to tear you down.

My 500 Words: Day 3

There is a ton of evidence to prove writing earlier in the day is better for creatives. We get a writer's high that lasts all day. We start our days productive and with ample opportunity to share our work throughout the day.

My 500 Words: Day 2

My overall motivation is simple - I want to be bold about knocking the brick wall down between my life and my writing. I want to be just a little more authentic in writing about the realities of my life, especially my past.

My 500 Words: Day 1

I pray this challenge will catapult me into a level of writing I have not yet experienced. Too often, writers are guarded about what they have to say. Self-criticism and fear or failure or rejection keeps us from being completely honest. And when we aren't honest, we miss the mark on building trust with our readers. Goins designed this challenge to compel us to just write, without editing.