Are you the REAL deal?

Back in August, one of my counselors and I were discussing being the most authentic version of ourselves and building genuine community. He asked me what kind of people am I drawn to. Who do I want to be in relationship with? "People who are the real deal." Don't we all? You and I are … Continue reading Are you the REAL deal?

Three things to shift perspective

"It's just a hard season." I said this one day a few weeks ago and a trusted friend reminded me that it is always  a hard season with me. Ouch. It doesn't get anymore blatant than that. I walked away from that conversation feeling frustrated with myself. That's not the kind of person I want … Continue reading Three things to shift perspective

How to live fully in the moment

Yesterday, I wrote about my intention to be fully present in every moment so I don't miss out on key opportunities God has given me. Today, I want to talk through a few tangible ways to practically be present in each and every moment. Be still. This looks different for each of us, but slow … Continue reading How to live fully in the moment

Five tips for brand new bloggers

  Whether you just started your first WordPress site or you are trying to convert your existing public journal into a professional source of information, there's probably a thing or two you could learn. I'm not an expert and I'm still learning from lots of people ahead of me, but I thought I would stop for a minute … Continue reading Five tips for brand new bloggers

Stuff < Success

Stuff keeps us from accomplishing our dreams. We get overwhelmed, distracted and busy. And when we get busy, we no longer have focus. I am hustling on a lot of things but I really haven't been trying to declutter my house and life. Amazingly though, I have a whole room of random stuff to donate, … Continue reading Stuff < Success