“What is more? What does that mean, God?”

"God, I just want more of you." I was standing in church on a Sunday night a few months ago when these words poured over my heart. It was the only prayer I could pray for weeks. It kept me awake at night. "What is more? What does that mean, God?" It went on for … Continue reading “What is more? What does that mean, God?”

Seek the Lord.

"I sought the Lord, and He answered me, And delivered me from all my fears." - Psalm 34:4 Our society is based on fear. Everywhere we turn in life, we are bombarded with messages of fear. I am reminded of this often in my job. I work in driver growth for Lyft. (Basically, my job … Continue reading Seek the Lord.

Your words matter.

Words matter. Last night, I got two text messages at the same exact time. One called me a derogatory name. One told me I was awesome. Guess what happened next? Guess which one I believed. Which one did I think about last before I went to sleep and first when I woke up? Which one … Continue reading Your words matter.

Be someone’s dose of Jesus

"That's not how this works. You don't get to dictate other peoples' lives. If we want to be here, we are going to be here.....I'm here. Other people are here for you. If you want to get better, I'm willing to go through the storm with you of breaking the cycle so you can live … Continue reading Be someone’s dose of Jesus

All-Star Tragedy

If you call Nashville home, you know that tragedy struck a local Waffle House restaurant a few weeks ago when a man walked into a restaurant and opened fire in the middle of the night. The senseless act of violence claimed four lives and would have likely taken more had another patron not confronted the … Continue reading All-Star Tragedy

No matter what.

About four months ago, I sat in a doctor's office at Vanderbilt Eye Institute and heard some devastating news. After a few weeks of tests and scans and different opinions, my retina specialist walked in, pulled up a chair and gave me the monologue that I replayed in my head every day for the next … Continue reading No matter what.

“Do you understand what I have done for you?” – Jesus

It's Easter week, which means my heart is about to jump out of my chest. There are so many reasons why Easter is my favorite week of the year. If you know me well, you have heard about the Saturday night Easter invitation I very reluctantly accepted seven years ago. I had been deeply hurt … Continue reading “Do you understand what I have done for you?” – Jesus

Are you the REAL deal?

Back in August, one of my counselors and I were discussing being the most authentic version of ourselves and building genuine community. He asked me what kind of people am I drawn to. Who do I want to be in relationship with? "People who are the real deal." Don't we all? You and I are … Continue reading Are you the REAL deal?

What would you be proud to die doing?

"For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain." - Philippians 1:21 Southland Christian Church in Kentucky is in a series right now called Joy Bomb. Pastor Scott Nickell kicked it off a few weeks ago with some real truths about joy and challenged us to be joyfully fierce, like the Apostle … Continue reading What would you be proud to die doing?

Looking ahead to a SHIFT in 2018

My word for 2017 was COURAGE and it was perfect. It was a difficult but incredible year. quite possibly one of the best yet and while I'm a little scared to let it go, I'm excited for a SHIFT in 2018. That's my word for 2018. Shift. I want to shift my heart, my focus, … Continue reading Looking ahead to a SHIFT in 2018