Coffee Circles

If you stick around here for long, you will find out that, next to Jesus and people, I love coffee more than anything in the world. Much to my nutritionist’s dismay, I could drink coffee all day, everyday. As a rare treat, I’ll enjoy a latte or cuban but 98 percent of the time, I drink it black. If I’m in one of my favorite independent shops, I’ll order “whatever is on drip.” I also like french press and pour-over.

But can I tell you a secret? It’s not really about the coffee. It is so much more about what I associate with coffee. Community. I love connecting with people, and it’s just so much more fun with coffee. My love language is getting to spend time in a coffee shop.


So I started a thing. Some of my closest friends and I get together every other Thursday night at a local coffee shop and just do life together. We talk, laugh, cry and pray together. And now it’s a thing. And it can be a thing for you too. Even if it is just one friend, find someone to meet you for coffee. It can be once a month or once a week. It can be in the break room at work or at your local Starbucks. There are absolutely no rules. Heck, it doesn’t even have to be coffee. Maybe you’re better suited for a smoothie or a beer. Or ice cream. Or Chik-fil-A. For sake of a brand, it’s officially called #CoffeeCircle so take a picture, post it online and tag it with #CoffeeCircle.

It doesn’t have to be this big, intense, deep thing. It doesn’t have to have structure and sign up sheets. Just show up and let it happen naturally. I promise Holy Spirit will show up and bless your time.

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