You are only as BIG as the DREAM you DARE to LIVE

Have you ever made a vision board full of these magazine-worthy pictures of a glamorous life you thought would be amazing, but none of those things ever came to fruition? Maybe you envisioned the wedding of your dreams? Or launching your own business? Or building your dream home? Maybe it was being debt-free? Running aContinue reading “You are only as BIG as the DREAM you DARE to LIVE”

Job 42 Moments

A couple months ago, I had a vision of a conversation God and Satan were having about me. It looked a lot like the one they had about Job in Job 1. God: “From where do you come?” Satan: “From roaming about on the earth and walking around on it.” God: “Have you considered My servantContinue reading “Job 42 Moments”

Don’t fall asleep on Jesus

Let’s talk about a comeback story. Or two. It’s Good Friday, which means we are spending the weekend remembering and celebrating the ultimate comeback story. Our Father in Heaven loves us so much that He sent His Son to live, serve, die and rise again for us. Let’s get something straight right now. God didn’tContinue reading “Don’t fall asleep on Jesus”

Be a beginner again

It’s okay to be a beginner again. It’s a skill actually. If you can get good at not being the smartest person in the room on something, you are going to learn a lot of really great things. The problem is we don’t like being beginners. It’s uncomfortable. It doesn’t feel good to not doContinue reading “Be a beginner again”

Say yes one more time.

A few months back, I shared pieces of my story with fatherlessness (Abandoned and adopted. Twice. and Abuse lies.). I saved the hardest piece for today. It’s been five years since Bucky fell out of the sky. I spent my entire childhood begging God to be a daddy’s girl. When I was a little girl,Continue reading “Say yes one more time.”

Stop being busy

One of the saddest things I hear is when I ask people how life is and their response is, “busy.” “Busy” implies they are running from thing to thing, commitment to commitment, and not enjoying it. They always have that look on their face and that tone in their voice. That feeling like it’s justContinue reading “Stop being busy”

Discovering the heart of a champion: A look into my PT journey

“She will develop arthritis at a young age.” “Let’s stay away from lifting weights. Your body just can’t handle it.” “You will never be a recreational runner again.” “If you don’t have this surgery, you will end up in a wheelchair in your 30s.” These are the things I heard over and over again throughoutContinue reading “Discovering the heart of a champion: A look into my PT journey”

Abuse Lies.

Last week, I posted a piece of my story about my struggle with feeling worthy after my biological and adoptive fathers both abandoned me. Today, I want to share more of that story. The pain and my struggle with feeling a father’s love didn’t end at my mom’s divorce in 1997. In fact, it gotContinue reading “Abuse Lies.”

The world needs your dream

That dream. You know the one. The one you are afraid to admit to anyone. The one you think is ridiculous or impossible. The one someone has minimized or ridiculed. The one you think you are unqualified for. The one you’ve tried before and failed at. The world needs THAT dream. We need you toContinue reading “The world needs your dream”

Abandoned and adopted. Twice.

The single greatest thing I have learned that radically changed my life is that I now have confidence in who I am as a child of God. Not as a servant of man.

I didn’t learn that any faster than when I began to study the character of God, and remember His faithfulness. Our Heavenly Father does not break His promises. He never has and He never will. He does what He says He will do. Every single time. He is the same yesterday, today and forever